3. Councillor E-Vasey-Ive’s reply

September 28, 2008

The cabinet member for Children’s Services, Councillor Claire Vasey, replied on 9th November 2006 to my detailed enquiry as follows:

“I have forwarded your e-mail to the Chief Inspector David Ford in order for him to address the issues you have raised.

I hope this is helpful.”

In other words, I am not even going to attempt to adddress the issues you have raised, because I haven’t a clue what it’s about.

This from the woman with responsibility for scrutinising what David Ford et al were doing.

Easy Peasy – collect attendance allowance!


2 Responses to “3. Councillor E-Vasey-Ive’s reply”

  1. JQH said

    This sort of mentality amongst Councillors is all too common unfortunately. They get their portfolios through political log-rolling, not ability. As a result many are totally out of their depth and can be manipulated by senior officers.

  2. jdc325 said

    Wow – 10/10 for buck passing there. I’m a little surprised that a politician would be so unable/unwilling to respond properly to written questions from a constituent. Still, it’s (marginally) better than an equals sign.

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